Photo Print System (PPS)

Our On-Location Camera/Photo Print System (PPS) prints 5×7’s in 13 seconds.

Sometimes referred to as a Photo Booth, our unique Photo Print System is the Ultimate Photo Booth! Here’s why:

  • The photos of each guest, couple or grouping are taken & chosen by an experienced Event Photographer
  • Prints are delivered immediately allowing guests to walk away from the PPS with their photo in hand
  • Photos are printed on a single frame 5×7 sheet allowing more space for the actual subject of the photos – your beautiful guests
  • Printed photos are provided in a protective photo card to ensure they last throughout the event & make it home with the guest
  • Instant retakes of the ‘not-so-perfect’ photo (eyes closed/not smiling) – ensures everyone takes home the perfect photo

The PPS is the highlight of every event and function we attend. Our experience and reputation are second to none in the Edmonton Area. That is why, when it comes to event photography, we are the trusted choice of many.
Colorful Digital Photo Borders are available to enhance and add value to the photo prints. On file Holiday, Sports, Fun and Classic Borders are provided at no additional cost or for an additional cost, we can produce a Customized Border with your logo and event name. We offer various Cloth Backdrops in different Colors & Themes.

Remember ‘A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words’
What better way for your guests to remember your company than with a Photo.

SEPdigital’s Photo Print System (PPS)
“Full Serve Photo Booth!!!
The PPS Photo Booth IS the DELUXE Photo System for EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY!“

Images captured by a photographer – Immediate retakes (if necessary) – Photos printed instantly – in your guest’s hands within a minute.

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