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We are SO proud to be the 2020-2023 Consumers Choice Award Winners in Photography for our Commercial Photography business: Avonlea Photography Studio! Check out the official press release: HERE


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What is the difference between a Photo Print System(PPS) and a Traditional Photo Booth?
A Photo Print System (PPS)
is a complete and interactive event photography service with images taken by a photographer.
5×7 photos are printed and presented in a photo card to event guests in minutes (various layouts & 4×6 sizes available). Our Photo Print System (PPS) is the most popular event photography service chosen by our clients. The PPS is the best option for high volume events to ensure all guests receive a photo, also for events that have a short amount of time designated for photos. The Photo Print System (PPS) aka a Deluxe Open Concept Photo Booth is best described as a Mini On-Location Photo Studio.

A Traditional Photo Booth is a novelty product that adds a bit of fun to the event. It is a self-serve unit where guests push a button & pose for shots to receive a fun 4×6 photo print in one of two styles: 4-images-photocard or a photo strip.

How long does it take to set up?
It takes approximately 45 minutes to set-up and test the equipment as long as the designated photo area is clear and ready for us.

How much space do you require?
For the Photo Print System (PPS) ultimately we like 20ft X 20ft but have made a 10ft X 10ft area work when space is limited. For the Photo Booth, a 12ft X 12ft area works well.

What are your power requirements?
We just need regular wall outlets to plug our equipment into.

Do you have Insurance?
We do have insurance and anytime you book a service you should always insist on the company providing insurance. We carry Commercial General Liability Insurance that covers Bodily Injury and Property Damage with $5,000,000 Liability Coverage.

What is the largest event that you can handle?
A lot depends on the dynamics of the event – The hours of the event, the type of services you want at the event, as well as how many Photo Print Systems we have at an event. With multiple Photo Print Systems, we can handle up to 15,000 people in a 4-hour time frame.

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