SEP Social Media

Social Media Connectivity

We have added Social Media Connectivity to Our Event Services. Thinking about adding Social Media to your Event Photography needs? Our SEPsocial service is the perfect add-on to your event photography, as it is fully social media integrated!

Whether you’re looking for an alternate way in which your guests can access their photo, or you’re looking to boost social media exposure on a campaign affiliated with the event, we can help!

Some of the SEP social services we can offer are as follows:

  • Live Upload of all photos to a Facebook page associated with the event
  • Ability for guests to e-mail their photo to themselves or upload images to their Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest profiles
  • Predefined & custom campaign-driven messages alongside each social post made.
  • # Hashtag Printing services available.

All of these services absolutely WOW guests & clients alike.
Don’t hesitate to call today if you have any questions in regards to our event photography social media capabilities.