Photo Print Systems (PPS)

Our On-Location Camera/Photo Print System (PPS) prints 5×7’s in 13 seconds.

ServicesSometimes referred to as a Photo Booth, our unique Photo Print System is the Ultimate Photo Booth! Here’s why:

  • The photos of each guest, couple or grouping are taken & chosen by an experienced Event Photographer
  • Prints are delivered immediately allowing guests to walk away from the PPS with their photo in hand
  • Photos are printed on a single frame 5×7 sheet allowing more space for the actual subject of the photos – your beautiful guests
  • Printed photos are provided in a protective photo card to ensure they last throughout the event & make it home with the guest
  • Instant retakes of the ‘not-so-perfect’ photo (eyes closed/not smiling) – ensures everyone takes home the perfect photo

The PPS is the highlight of every event and function we attend. Our experience and reputation are second to none in the Edmonton Area. That is why, when it comes to event photography, we are the trusted choice of many.
Colorful Digital Photo Borders are available to enhance and add value to the photo prints. On file Holiday, Sports, Fun and Classic Borders are provided at no additional cost or for an additional cost, we can produce a Customized Border with your logo and event name. We offer various Cloth Backdrops in different Colors & Themes.

Remember ‘A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words’
What better way for your guests to remember your company than with a Photo.

SEPsocial Media – Social Media Connectivity

ServicesWe have added Social Media Connectivity to Our Event Services. Thinking about adding Social Media to your Event Photography needs? SEPsocial service is the perfect add on to your event photography, as it is fully social media integrated!

Whether you’re looking for an alternate way in which your guests can access their photo, or you’re looking to boost social media exposure on a campaign affiliated with the event, we can help!

Some of the SEP social services we can offer are as follows:

  • Live Upload of all photos to a Facebook page associated with the event
  • Ability for guests to e-mail their photo to themselves or upload images to their Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest profiles
  • Predefined & custom campaign-driven messages alongside each social post made.
  • # Hashtag Printing services available.

All of these services absolutely WOW guests & clients alike.
Don’t hesitate to call today if you have any questions in regards to our event photography social media capabilities.

Holiday Photos

holidayHolidays are special times of the year, being New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas are for creating memories. For those that plan a holiday event such as Santa Photos & Easter Bunny Photos at your local shopping mall, or Companies hosting parties for staff or clients a themed Holiday Photo is the best way to capture the memory.

On Location Green Screen Photography

green screenOn Location Green Screen Photography

Photos Printed in 13 seconds

Green Screen or Chroma Key process, is a technique for blending two images, in which a color (green or blue) from one image is removed, or made transparent, revealing another image behind it. A Green Backdrop is set up at an event; the photo is taken and then produced, to print the background image as one photo.
Green Screen Photography is FUN and Guests are amazed when they receive their Photo Print with themselves on a Themed Background.

The majority of our clients provide their own background image (jpg format) for us to insert in our Green Screen System, although we have a library of Green Screen Background Images if required.

Traditional Photo Booth (Self-Serve Automated)

photo boothOnce inside the Photo Booth, all that is needed is to push a button, look at the camera & say cheese. The camera automatically captures 4 images, so we recommend changing up your pose after each flash of the camera – voila! Step out of the Photo Booth & pick up your 4” X 6” Photo Print. Our Photo Booth still has the “Old School” look and feel but has all of the “New School” flexibility and versatility.

The hard-wall construction provides that intimate, private setting that encourages the most entertaining and hilarious photos! But the collapsible design means that we can take this funky-unit pretty much anywhere! And with our hard-wall design we are able to customize and brand the Photo Booth with just about any image, graphic, logo or design that you can think of.

Make our Photo Booth YOUR Photo Booth by decorating the outside of it with whatever message your heart (or boss!) desires!

But form is nothing without function! And our Photo Booth functions just fine! Traditionally, the hard-wall Photo Booths limited the number of people that could be in the picture – so we fixed that. We made our back-panel removable so that more people could join in the fun if they wish! And we figured why stop there? So we equipped our Photo Booth with some of the best gear that we could find.
A high-resolution digital SLR camera and the fastest dye sublimation photographic printer on the market (prints in as fast as 6 seconds!). It even puts a protective layer directly onto your photo to protect it from moisture and UV damage! Now the memories really can last forever!

Golf Tournament Photography

Golf TournamentsToday’s Golf Tournaments are not complete without the latest Golf Tournament Digital Photo Technology. Are we booked for your Tournament?

Thanks to our digital technology all photos are completed and ready to go before the last putt is sunk! Your golfers go home at the end of the day with their 5×7 photo of your great Tournament.

Because we are fully digital, we can have a professionally produced photo border printed on all photos with the tournament name and date, your company logo as
 well as a sponsor logo, if you choose to offset the cost with a photo sponsor.

Quality photos ready in 13 seconds (not hours or days) with professional photo borders. It doesn’t get any easier!
For golf tournament photography, SEPdigital is your “HOLE IN ONE”.
A great client/participants appreciation gift that they will truly appreciate.


Conferences – Conventions – Roving Event Documentation

conference conventionWhen it comes to Conference/Convention Photography it has to be Picture Perfect!
You put countless hours into organizing and coordinating your conferences and conventions. It’s only fitting that you get professional quality photographs to document the events. SEPdigital provides you with rendered digital images of your event. For publication, (magazine, newsletter, or advertising) Power Point, email or web site use.

Our photographers will attend your event and capture images of the keynote speakers, plenary sessions, concurrent sessions and workshops in a photojournalism style. Need to have the images of the day for a Power Point presentation that evening? We can provide on location production personnel to complete the task.

Just let us know what you need and it will be done. Compliment your guests with a 5×7 Portrait Photo with a Photo Print System OR add a whole of lot of fun to your Convention or Conference Party with a Traditional Photo Booth (Self-Serve Automated)

Awards/Galasawards and galas

Award ceremonies are an important part of a company’s recognition program, recognizing employees’ milestone achievements, service anniversaries, awards, retirement and more.

Galas are held to show Client/Employee Appreciation and are a popular choice when hosting Fund Raising Events. OR, for the mere purpose of celebrating something special.

Whether it be an Award or Gala Event, photography documentation of the event is important. Add a Photo Print Station (PPS) to provide your guests a photo, printed on-location to take home as a memory of your special gala.

Corporate Promotions

corporate promoCorporate Promotions are wonderful opportunities to communicate with your audience – clients, prospects, employees, and beyond – and a perfect time to share your story. It’s a chance to talk about why you started your business in the first place, where you’ve been, what you do, and what makes you different and an opportunity to thank employees and clients who’ve helped you reach this milestone. A great way to launch a new product, as well as strengthen your branding. We have proven over and over that providing guests with a themed photo of the event sends your message home with happy clients and employees.

In addition to providing on-location themed photo prints, having a photographer roam around to capture the essence and ambience of your promotion provides you with images to use in newsletters, on the web and a great archive to add to the history of the company.