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Edmonton Special Event Photographers

For Special Events, Award Galas, Conferences, Conventions, Corporate Promotion, Golf Tournaments, Holiday Photos, Green Screen, Product & Name Branding, etc.

SEPdigital provides on location photography plus printing of posed photos instantly with our Photo Print Systems (PPS)Our unique Photo Print System (PPS) – Full Service Photo Booth. It is the Ultimate Photo Booth, best described as a Mini On-Location Photo Studio. The PPS is like a Photo Booth in that it allows guests to have their picture taken at the event & get a printed 5×7 photo immediately. It is unlike a Photo Booth for the following reasons:

  • The photos of each guest, couple or grouping are taken & chosen by an experienced Event Photographer
  • Photos are printed on a single frame 5×7 sheet allowing more space for the actual subject of the photos – your beautiful guests
  • Printed photos are provided in a protective photo card to ensure they last throughout the event & make it home with the guest
  • Instant retakes of the ‘not-so-perfect’ photo (eyes closed/not smiling) – ensures everyone takes home the perfect photo

We do have a very special Traditional Photo Booth (Self-Serve & Automated) as well. This is the one where guests can sit down in an enclosed space (just like at the mall) and have 4 photos taken and printed on a multi-frame sheet. Our Photo Booth is special because is combines an enclose private feel with the ability to have as many as 10 peoples faces showing by means of a rear curtain that opens up.

NEW SERVICE: SEPsocial MEDIA SEPdigital is fully social media integrated!

We also provide Creative Roving Event Documentation Photography to capture the energy & atmosphere of any event.

SEPdigital is Edmonton’s largest digital event photography company with multiple Photo Print Systems capable of large scale or multiple concurrent events as well as a Traditional Photo Booth for those desiring a more novel photo option.

Call 780-482-4747 or e-mail us at info@sepdigital.com to discuss your next event.